Elevating the Fitness of Your Mind & Body

25 JUNE 2024, Tuesday @ Karangkraf Auditorium,
Seksyen 15, Shah Alam

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Welcome To She Leads!

She Leads is a series of curated networking events of pocket sessions and a summit that discusses unique issues women encounter in their professional journeys.

Set against the backdrop of empowerment and solidarity, She Leads are designed to equip women with the knowledge, strategies, and support needed to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace.

Why join She Leads?

The She Leads Women Workforce Summit, accompanied by curated pocket events, serves as a platform to address various issues women face as they chart their pathways to success in the workforce. The chosen topics aims to equip women with knowledge and tools to further thrive in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Network Building

Establish connections with like-minded professionals to foster collaborations, mentorship and potential career opportunities.

Professional Development

The discussions through the curated topics provide tools to aid in professional and personal development.

Top-tier Speakers

Influential female leaders will take the stage to share their invaluable knowledge offering attendees to gain insights from the best in the business.

Empowerment and Inspiration

Engaging with motivational speakers creates a sense of empowerment, inspiring attendees to pursue their goals with confidence.

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She Leads Series

Elevating the Fitness of Your Mind & Body

Engage in mindfulness practices, interactive discussion designed to empower attendees with the tools needed to navigate toxic elements in the workplace. Join us on the journey to renewed vitality.

Don’t Go Broke In Your Golden Years

For this, financial empowerment takes centre stage. Join us as we delve into a crucial topic aimed at securing your financial future during your retirement years.

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27 February 2024 @ Karangkraf Auditorium, Shah Alam

All Event Pass

RM100 /person

A series of curated networking events to help you thrive professionally and personally.

Our Event Venue :

Karangkraf Auditorium, Seksyen 15, Shah Alam

Location Address :

No. 1, Jalan Renggam 15/5, Off Persiaran Selangor, Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor

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